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  2. For Freaks Only 4: Teacher's Pet by Justin Amen Floyd
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Subscribe to our top stories. Bored Panda works best if you switch to our Android app. Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app! Follow Bored Panda on Google News! I may look like a cat, but deep down I'm a panda. Sometimes I'm lazy, sometimes I'm bored - I'm just like you, but a bit cooler. To Every one who is hating the husband, no one read that he said how much he loved her. And he is freaking out like little kid that clearly shows that he loves that crazy lady so much. And he is hating her for putting HER life and their son's life in danger. That is love guys I agree, I'm not sure why everyone is hating on the hubby.

For some people me coarse language is a part of daily conversation. Not a great habit but a habit nonetheless. I'm glad he reacted like that. If he was my husband, I'd be glad and happy that he cares about his family a lot. The guy has no sense of humor, knows very little about coyotes despite the fact he can recognize one , and must be r-e-a-l-l-y s-l-o-w if he couldn't figure it out by the time it got to the pack howling outside.

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This comment is hidden. Click here to view. I'm sorry, but I don't think controlling and talking shit at people is "love", people like that can go fuck themselves because I sure as heck wouldn't sit on a cock that would line up SO many insults at me.

16 Problems Only Neat Freaks Understand

Eileen Hall-IF you buy the premise of this fake story, the guy didn't know it was photoshop. He thought and had precedence to think that she actually let a coyote sit on the couch with their son. How is that "using a badly photoshopped pic That doesn't follow at all. But it's surely a fake story anyway. So if a man doesn't kiss your ass while you do something stupid and dangerous to your children, he's an asshole? You like to have a "strategy for finding out what ELSE someone holds against you"? Maybe what people hold against you is the fact that you are a conniving manipulator.

Why would you want to find out what someone 'holds against you'?

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Everyone sometimes gets upset by their partner and they forgive, but they don't forget. It's not crazy people still bring stuff up when there's trouble. It's not like they didn't forgive you, but they're afraid you'll do that again. This maybe forgave his wife, but it doesn't mean he can't refer to the ferrets in the future. Forgive and forget is a difference. If he used a badly photoshopped joke picture as an excuse to reveal that he thinks you're an idiot, " he's an asshole. Some couples talk like this to each other at all times in a funny way. It becomes endearing lol.

I've seen this and it works for them. They never hide things from each other either and have fun with each other. Also, I've found that people who curse more are more honest keep in mind that cursing does not alway equate to anger. You can tell she wasn't surprised at his responses and that they have interactions like this often I suspect you would find it difficult to sit on such a cock, Adrijanna, because of those humourless steel rods up your ass.

Must be one of those industro-broads from the former Eastern Bloc. Im just saying And, people take the internet way too seriously. The first and the second pictures have the coyote in the exact same position How can you miss the fact it's photoshopped? When you're freaking out because you think your wife and children are going to be attacked by a coyote, it's kinda hard to see. The second picture with the coyote and the kid is photoshopped aswell.

The coyote is not casting a shadow over the couch.

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Usually when your spouse sends you a picture, you don't think photoshopped! He was clearly upset and only saw what she wanted him to see.

For Freaks Only 4: Teacher's Pet by Justin Amen Floyd

Not something an untrained eye would notice. But isn't the first picture the one she used to cut out the coyote, included in the article to show us? And she didn't even send this one to her husband? Answer Vocabulary Word Definition 1 intensive a. Activity 1 Give students a few minutes to look at the pictures they brought into class. They can do this in small groups, informally at random, or by everyone passing pictures to the left until they all have their original pictures back.

Activity 2 Tell students to take out a piece of paper and a pencil.

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They are to write a Dear Diary entry from the person whose picture they have. The entry should be at least twenty sentences long and can be anything students honestly feel that their person would confide to a diary. Give students ample time to complete this assignment. Collect the assignments with the pictures, if possible, to post together on the bulletin board after class.


Activity 3 Read a few of the diary entries out loud to the class. Use this as a springboard for a short transition discussion to introduce the book Freak the Mighty. Activity 4 Distribute the materials students will use in this unit.

Explain in detail how students are to use these materials. Study Guides Students should read the study guide questions for each reading assignment prior to beginning the reading assignment to get a feeling for what events and ideas are important in the section they are about to read. After reading the section, students will as a class or individually answer the questions to review the important events and ideas from that section of the book.

Students should keep the study guides as study materials for the unit test. Preview the study questions for Chapters together as a class. Vocabulary Prior to each reading assignment, students will do vocabulary work related to the section of the book they are about to read. Following the completion of the reading of the book, there will be a vocabulary review of all the words used in the vocabulary assignments. Students should keep their vocabulary work as study materials for the unit test.

Do the vocabulary worksheet for Chapters orally, together as a class so students see how the worksheets are to be done. Reading Assignment Sheet You need to fill in the reading assignment sheet to let students know by when their reading has to be completed.

Wife Texts Husband She Brought A Dog Home While The Pic Shows A Coyote, And He Seriously Freaks Out

You can either write the assignment sheet up on a side blackboard or bulletin board and leave it there for students to see each day, or you can "ditto" copies for each student to have. In either case, you should advise students to become very familiar with the reading assignments so they know what is expected of them.

Extra Activities Center The Unit Resource Materials portion of this LitPlan contains suggestions for an extra library of related books and articles in your classroom as well as crossword and word search puzzles. Make an extra activities center in your room where you will keep these materials for students to use. Bring the books and articles in from the library and keep several copies of the puzzles on hand. Explain to students that these materials are available for students to use when they finish reading assignments or other class work early.

Nonfiction Assignment Sheet Explain to students that they each are to read at least one nonfiction piece from the in-class library at some time during the unit. Students will fill out a Nonfiction Assignment Sheet after completing the reading to help you the teacher evaluate their reading experiences and to help the students think about and evaluate their own reading experiences.

Books Each school has its own rules and regulations regarding student use of school books. Advise students of the procedures that are normal for your school. Preview the book. Look at the covers, front-matter, and index. He sits on the rdgr fo the brd and folds his hands togrthre. Have students try to read and rewrite the passage line-by-line as a whole class, or ask students to rewrite the whole passage as it should be written.

If your class is a LD class, you might choose to take this time to share with your class that Max is an LD student, too, rather than completing this exercise with them. Ask them to pay particular attention to what Max says and how he feels about his learning disability, to see if they feel the same way—or differently. You probably know the best way to get readers with your class; pick students at random, ask for volunteers, or use whatever method works best for your group.

If you have not yet completed an oral reading evaluation for your students this period, this would be a good opportunity to do so. Then, students may read silently for in-class reading assignments. An oral reading evaluation from is included with this unit for your convenience. To review the main ideas and events from Chapters 2. To review the study questions and vocabulary work for Chapters 3.

To read Chapters 4. Write the answers on the board or overhead transparency so students can have the correct answers for study purposes.

Teacher's Pets - BOOK read aloud

NOTE: It is a good practice in public speaking and leadership skills for individual students to take charge of leading the discussions of the study questions. Perhaps a different student could go to the front of the class and lead the discussion each day that the study questions are discussed in this unit.