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It would safe his life.

Yonah learned for the first time that the Jews were targeted to die and not only to work. With the Germans losing, their plot to blow up the camp was thwarted by inmates with electrical skills.

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Though many lives were saved, many were lost in the ensuing flight toward the electrified fences. Others, including Yonah, rushed to dig for potatoes.

Mourning Dove on a barbed-wire fence at dawn

Following liberation by American troops on May 5, , Yonah shares the revenge of he and other freed inmates exacted on captured SS on a bridge in nearby Linz with bayonets supplied by the black American soldiers. In the same town in , my family and I spent six weeks in a refugee facility upon our escape from Poland via Czechoslovakia.

Yonah followed Rivkah to Kibbutz Ein Gev, but caught by the British, he was interred in Cyprus not before daring sea missions of bringing refugees to Palestine. He finally made it to Ein Gev with seven buddies in January , escaping by boat from Cyprus.

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Yonah helped protect the kibbutz for the forthcoming war and when leaving for kibbutz Ginosar in , he put to practice the skills gained as a slave laborer for the Germans whom he both hated and admired. The author fulfilled her pledge to Grandpa Solomon, she found Yonah.

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Her website is: www. Yonah died of cancer on May 26, , five days after his family gathered to celebrate his 83rd birthday, and is buried in his beloved kibbutz where Deborah first met him in He grew up in Haifa, Israel. His brother Willi died in Flossenburg in DOVE, the Unilever brand, has been widely lauded for its latest advertising effort, an online video with a forensic sketch artist that compares the negative self-image some women have with the more complimentary impressions of strangers.

But the response to an advertising campaign that Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash introduced in the fall has been decidedly less flattering, and brought a stinging rebuke from the National Advertising Division. Online videos pit Dove against other body washes in side-by-side tests.

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In every case, the non-Dove brands strip more color from the paper. A five-member panel representing advertisers, advertising agencies and the public sector, usually academics, will review the decision.

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It will continue to run online and offline while the decision is being appealed, Mr. Candelino said. The Dial Corporation did not respond to a request for comment.