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Purpose — What does Purpose mean to you? There is no right or wrong answer. What Purpose means to me is having a cause or a goal that you genuinely believe in and stand for. Tapping into your Purpose and living in alignment with what you stand for gives you a tremendous amount of fulfillment. It also gives you direction and boundaries.

When you are living on Purpose you are living intentionally, you are working towards a goal that is personally significant and rewarding. Living and being from this context is a game changer and is the first step to living your best life.

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  • Now once you have discovered your Purpose or are on the path of creating this for yourself, step 2 is crucial. If you want to manifest your best life, you must be fully committed and focused on your goal. You have to wake up thinking about it and when you fall asleep, dream about it. When you begin your path of Purpose, you need to continually check yourself to make sure you are making decisions that are aligned with that vision you have for your life.

    An idea without a plan is just a dream.

    101 Ways To Live Your Life To The Fullest

    Maintaining this focus will be the key to achieving the results you want for your life. There are so many distractions life that we waste our time on. It is imperative that you cut out the unnecessary things in your life so you can optimize your focus on the things that support your Purpose and the life you want to create.

    What you can do to increase your focus is Simplify. You have to cut the distractions out of your life.

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    • Get rid of the things that do not serve that higher Purpose that you are committed to. Take a look at your life and ask yourself what is no longer necessary, what can I get rid of to make my life less complicated. For me, part of it was getting rid of my luxury car and my designer clothing. The ironic part about all these things we purchase and collect is the objects we own end up owning us. I can personally share that I have never felt so free, fulfilled and happy in my life and I own less than I ever have before.

      Now simplifying and letting go of things can be very hard.

      Empowering you to find and live your best life

      Because some of these things really mean a lot to our present identity and this is where the 4th and final step is required. Sacrifice — Now, this last step is the hardest because it is going to require you to make some tough decisions in your life. To date, FoodCloud has redistributed the equivalent of almost 60 Million meals to charities.

      Together we will contribute to the vision of a world where no good food goes to waste. Yes you got it right! By joining our community today, you will double your many.

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      YourBestLife - What Is It All About

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      Enjoy Portuguese traditional food. Experience the daily Indian commute. Be grateful. Collaborate with FoodCloud. Collaborate with Pomelo Market. Collaborate with Metta Bhavana. Collaborate with Dazin. Collaborate with Pratham InfoTech Foundation. What is YourBestLife? YourBestLife is an unconventional educational organization dedicated to creating a movement of globally minded people to humanize the world, helping them to find and live their best life. Our mission is to give the tools and information to empower each individual to find and live their own best life.