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  1. Shakespeare’s head is missing from his grave Channel 4 documentary claims
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  3. The Mystery of Ricardo's Missing Head
  4. Elijah N feat. Frigga - Missing What's You

How was I supposed to tell her this was not true? I had associated my hair with my identity for an entire decade. I still found myself preaching that your hair is not who you are, that your face is your face, you have to love it, and love yourself.

Shakespeare’s head is missing from his grave Channel 4 documentary claims

She was right, so I decided to prove my point to both her and myself. This is when my life changed. I looked in the mirror and had never felt so confident.

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I looked so different. I had nothing to hide behind and it was like a weight was lifted. I have saved so much time and money but the most important thing to me is that every day I wake up and I love my face. I battled with loving myself for most of my life and now I am me.

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The reactions have been wonderful — some incredibly positive, some of confusion and some have been absolutely hilarious. I have had girls get emotional over the level of empowerment in my image. Many people ask me if they can touch my head. I have had younger women completely puzzled about why I would shave my head if I was not sick. I have travelled as an English girl and been referred to as a skinhead. Again I reiterate, your face is your face.

The Mystery of Ricardo's Missing Head

Love it! When people ask me about my hair, I promote confidence, friendship, and self love. Instead I tell people I went bald so I could spend more time in bed, to try and show that it is not a big deal.

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High profile cases include that of Fan Bingbing, China's highest paid celebrity, who disappeared in June amid reports she was being investigated for tax evasion. The rumor mill continued churning until this week, when she re-appeared and was ordered to pay millions in back taxes and fines.

It was not clear what, if any, charges have been leveled against him. High-ranking party officials are generally subject to a separate disciplinary system that has no legal basis, Ms Richardson said.

Elijah N feat. Frigga - Missing What's You

They can be detained indefinitely and kept out of public view while party leaders decide their punishment. In March the authorities created a new agency, the National Supervision Commission, to act as the country's highest ranking anti-corruption body. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future.


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