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  1. The Warsaw Anagrams - Richard Zimler - Häftad () | Bokus
  2. About the Author
  3. By Margaret Mazzantini; translated by Ann Gigliardi
  4. Book review: The Warsaw Anagrams by Richard Zimler

This singular pursuit of truth and justice, so disproportionate to the context of the Warsaw Ghetto, serves as a kind of rebuttal to the genocide, with its anonymous millions of victims.

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Proof of Zimler's prodigious gifts of sensitivity, complexity and verisimilitude can be found in the way that we root for the survival of a narrator we know from the outset is already dead. A ghostly visitor returning to the "scene of the crime," he is telling his story to someone who will indeed live to record it. Such is the power of this voice's intimacy and purpose to insist on being listened to. In addressing his friend Heniek, he speaks to the readers, imploring us not to turn away but to pay close attention moment by moment.

The Warsaw Anagrams - Richard Zimler - Häftad () | Bokus

Erik Cohen's previous life as a psychiatrist gives him an all-too-clear understanding of the darkness of the human soul. Yet in the face of brutality and meaningless slaughter, there are dazzling instances of humanity, love, empathy and self-sacrifice.

In this novel, as in nonfiction reports from the Holocaust, truly the best and the worst of the human condition are visible, side by side: the ability to imagine and to obliterate, to torture and to resuscitate. It could be said that Zimler specializes in such "framed" narratives; his previous books have employed the device of a discovered secret text, and are similarly endowed with mystical elements e.

About the Author

As someone personally haunted by my own family's ghosts of the Holocaust, I was especially moved by the central metaphor of the novel. Puzzles, word play, codes and tricks serve as a metaphor for all the permutations of self that might be required to survive such degradations and deprivations, suitable for a work of fiction that in many ways borrows its clothing from actual Warsaw Ghetto diaries.

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Although the Warsaw Ghetto is perhaps best known for its desperately heroic uprising, this novel focuses on and , after what the characters refer to as the "Before Time," and with subtle yet ominous foreshadowing of the exterminations yet to come. For what possible reason has his body been murdered?

By Margaret Mazzantini; translated by Ann Gigliardi

His childhood friend Izzy — whose quick courage and wicked sense of humor keeps Erik from losing his nerve — joins him in the desperate and dangerous search. The role of Erik would have to be played by a very charismatic and talented actor.

One actor that the producer and I have discussed is Jeremy Irons. Another possibility would be Mandy Patinkin. I think both of them could do a great job and get an Oscar nomination!

Book review: The Warsaw Anagrams by Richard Zimler

For Izzy, the other main role, I would like Mark Rylance. I saw him in Bridge of Spies and was very impressed. Institutional Login.

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